Hi Amanda,
I just wanted to write you and let you know you have a new fan base in Greenville, NC where I am finishing up my Pediatric residency! I have been doing your videos for about 1 month and my body has literally transformed. I have lost 7 percent body fat and am so much stronger and more muscular. I have always been a runner, but never did any strength training and really didn't do much else besides run, but now I am more toned and can do exercises that when I first started your videos I couldn't do. I wish I had before and after pictures for you. The biggest thing is that people keep asking me what I am doing and are very impressed. My girlfriends here started doing it and are addicted. One of my friends who never exercises started doing it and is so sore, but notices such a difference already in a week! Thank you again for changing my attitude about health and fitness!! I hope one day I will get to meet you! Take care.

Farha, MD

Greenville, NC

Hi Amanda!!! Your 14 Day Plan is seriously life changing...I was a little intimidated to try it as I’m not good with diets OR exercise but was shocked at how easy it was to follow and how much I actually enjoyed it! Not only did I lose 12lbs in 14 days, but I learned so so much and it has changed the way I live my life – I’m recommending your program to EVERYONE I know! 

Jennifer Lee

Hong Kong, China


I don’t know how to explain it…you how you have changed my life COMPLETELY . . After watching your videos I was so inspired that I started working out everyday and eating much healthier then I subscribed to your 14 Day Plan and I have never been the same. I lost weight, toned up and I feel sooo much happier and good about life now . =) SERIOUSLY, I LOVE YOU, I couldn’t have done this without you .PS : the meal plan is AMAZING!!


New York, New York


Amanda, Amanda, Amanda. I really want to take this opportunity to give you a MEGA thank you for all the workouts you’ve produced and the 14 Day Plan that changed my life. They've helped me more than any other method I've tried. Especially the gym. I sweat, see effects and even get EXCITED a lot more about these than going to the gym. I've seen changes in my body already and if it weren't for you, I wouldn't of even been motivated to move!!! So thank you so much! You're the best trainer going and have my full support!


Milan, Italy


I love The AR Program. I am proof it works. I did Amanda’s 14 Day Plan for 30 days straight and lost 40 pounds. SInce then I've lost another 30, and hope to lose 20 more. Hang in there guys, it really does work and anyone can do it. Thanks Amanda. 




My name is Melissa MacDonald I'm 26 and this happens to be my first e-mail I have ever sent to anyone remotely classified as a "celebrity". I have a hyper mobility condition (the step above double jointedness) that actually saved my life when I was 19.
I was a competitive Dressage rider (horses) and had an accident where I went head first off my horse and he partially fell on top of me. If I hadn't been as flexible I would of broken my next and back in the best case. After years of being unable to work out I was finally given a clean bill of health. 7 years and nearly 70lbs heavier I'm struggling but committed to getting my fitness back. After hearing your story on a podcast my attitude shifted.... Really I can't explain the resonance I felt with your mission and commitment. I have been watching your fitness channel for just over a month without knowing your background and knew there was something different about you and now I am even more of a fan.
Really I'm not sure why I'm writing this e-mail, I guess more than anything I wanted you to know that you have changed my life and my attitude.

Thank you again.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada   

Hey Amanda, I just wanted to give you an update on my weight-loss. I've lost 21 pounds since I started doing your workouts. I'm not trying to loose weight as fast as I can, I'm trying to change my habits and my life for good, so I'm being easy on myself and I have to say, I love it so much, I don't even mind getting up and working out. So far I've already "converted" five people who are also starting with your 14 Day Plan! Just wanted you to know that what you do really makes a difference.



Austin, TX

Hi Amanda!! I know you are incredibly busy but I thought I would write to you to tell you that you are such a positive inspiration to me! I just had a baby 12 weeks ago and used your 14 Day Plan to get me back into shape. I was SOO worried about the post-baby weight but I’m actually looking BETTER than I EVER did pre-pregnancy, it’s a miracle, people are asking me what I’m doing and you’ve made me a preacher – Amanda Russell’s 14 Day Plan!


Boston, MA

AMAZING PROGRAM!! I'm a new subscriber... I love your workouts and have started doing them since I discovered you. I like that your exercises are simple and can be done in the comfort of one's own home. AND your meals are so simple, easy and delicious! Thank you, this has changed my body and my life!

Thomas Cruger

Toronto, Canada



Amanda, you are infectious.  I am a 53 year old woman and have been keeping fit all of my life, but still enjoy researching what others are doing on the internet. You are delightful, and relate extremely well to those of us "out here". Your workouts are fun and effective at any level which I believe is what keeps people interested. Thank you and I wish you continued success.


London, UK


I'm SO glad I found your workouts. _ I had reached a plateau, and my regular workouts weren't doing as much anymore. I love that you can modify them for beginners, but that people who are looking for more advanced workouts to bust out of a plateau like me can do them and be challenged. Thanks so much!

Sarah Fitzgerald

Los Angeles, California


I just started the 14 day program 7 days ago, and my tummy has always given me trouble no matter how many crunches I did, and this actually is starting to give me abs. Combined with the diet I am confident that I’m going to be able to achieve a flat toned stomach for the first time ever! Thank you so much for making this program it really is incredible! I love that I felt my abs forming the day after I tried this for the first time! It's incredible!

Shannon Carine

Greenwich, CT



Hi Amanda

After doing your workouts for about 3 months now, I wanted to share my story with you as your workouts have played a very important part in my continued rehabilitation after major surgery at the beginning of last year.

On February 14th, 2011 (yep Valentine Day of all days) after being diagnosed with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ) which is early stage breast cancer, I went into surgery for a simple mastectomy with reconstruction using my tummy tissue.  I was never a very big person, only weighing 53kgs at the time.  I only just had enough tummy tissue for the reconstruction, so I was very fortunate.

Prior to my diagnosis and surgery I was running approximately 3km, a few times a week, however I was finding it harder and harder to stay motivated at this exercise and I was losing interest.  After my surgery I was in hospital for one week and it was the hardest week of my life!!  I was determined though, to make a full recovery and with the support of my husband of 20 years, and 4 children, I slowly got stronger and stronger with each passing week.  

When I came home from hospital, it took all of my energy just to make it to the bathroom and back.  I could not stand up in the shower and I could not wash or brush my own hair (as my right arm was weakened from the surgery) and I could not stand for more than 5-10 minutes at a time.  My husband had to do everything – even cook!!!!  The energy that my body used for healing itself was unbelievable!!!  The hospital gave me physio exercises to do, and I was encouraged to walk for a few minutes each day, gradually increasing the distance and time walking.  I remember when I first made it to the bottom of my street and back up again.  This took about 15 minutes and I was so pleased with myself, but very exhausted!

After 10 weeks of recovery, I was back at work as a Teacher Aide.  The first few weeks of work were very tiring, however each week I found myself regaining more and more strength.  I was told not to do any vigorous exercise for six months!!  This was hard for me, however after 6 months I began to run again.  I had put on a little bit of weight and was now about 58kg.  The weight did not worry me as much as how unfit I had become.  Unfortunately I really struggled to run and the jarring began to hurt my knees, so I had to stop. As the weather warmed up, I decided to do some swimming for exercise.  This was the best thing for me, as it was low impact and I really enjoyed getting into the pool during our hot summer.  After 3 months of regular swimming, my leg muscles were stronger and I was able to get back into running again, but this time I was not enjoying it, and really wanted to do something more.

This was when I began surfing the web for some cardio exercises and discovered YOU!  Watching your workouts and seeing how much FUN they looked really inspired me to try something different.  I also wanted something that would help me to become even fitter and stronger than before my surgery.  I had a new appreciation for life and wanted to do something to really improve my whole fitness. My husband regularly goes running and works out on a home gym, so he has been very encouraging, but the home gym has never interested me.  I liked the way that your workouts were simple ones, just using your body and loved the encouraging and inspiring way you delivered them.

You have made it SO easy to believe that I can achieve great fitness, spending only a small amount of time a few times a week!  I am already noticing changes in my body and am a lot stronger than when I first started out.  For example, when I first tried the “15 Minute Cardio” workout I was only able to complete it twice in 15 minutes (and I was struggling).  Yesterday I completed it 4 times in 16 minutes fairly easily – I am so happy with my progress!

My husband and daughter are now doing your workouts with me, and we are having lots of fun together.  Thank you so much Amanda.

Qld, Australia


Dear Amanda,

I wanted to let you know that my husband and I just finished the AR Fit 14 day shape up plan, and it has changed our lives! In terms of weight loss, I lost about 5 pounds and he lost about 10 pounds in these last 2 weeks, but more than that we have gained definition and toned up. Our clothes fit so much better, and the things we had put away we can wear again. I have been doing your workouts for many months, and had gotten into great shape, but then life hit, and I fell off the bandwagon so to speak. I decided I would not let this happen again, and took your plan very seriously. Working out has always been in my routine, but eating healthy has been harder for me. 

We studied your recipes and meal plans, and updated our refrigerator and pantry with much healthier options. The meals and smoothies were delicious, as well as the snacks. Some of our favorites were your power omelet, the smoothies, high protein pancakes, and garlicky Kale chips, to name a few. Our new favorite thing is brown rice, who would have thought?! We only used to eat white rice and my husband is Asian, so the thought of brown rice was not very appealing, but it ended up being delicious. We realized that we could still have things we loved, but in a healthier way. You don't have to go on some crazy diet to lose weight and be skinny, and you do not need many hours in a day to workout. With every workout we did of yours we were drenched in sweat, and feeling the burn. I have never been so consistently sore for 2 weeks straight! So I know it is working. We are both physicians and time is of the essence, so this plan was perfect for us. The other thing we changed through your help, was getting up in the morning to exercise, which we now do everyday before work, and it keeps us energized and motivated all day. Our words are not enough for how you have changed our lives and helped us to get back on the right track, and we will continue with this for a lifetime. I will send pictures very soon of the before and after results. Thanks again for everything you are an amazing person and have done so much for so many people, and are very personable and motivating. Continue to do what you do! Take care.


Farha Naqui and Tony Nguyen


As a holistic health coach and on-the-go guru specializing in simple and practical advice, I am always looking for easy and simple strategies to help my clients lose weight and boost their energy.  I'm a big fan of Amanda's 14 Day Program as it's a great combination of real healthy foods that help you naturally slim down AND her powerhouse workouts that I am personally, a huge fan of.  I've personally experienced great results from following her plan as well as my clients who are serious about reaching their goals.  

- Robyn Youkilis, Holistic Health Coach and Founder of Your Healthiest You and{Healthy} Cooking Camp